a website, oh my

well this took a long time. i started working on this site in early 2020 i think, im not really sure and time has been strangely dilating all thru this pandemic. i used to have a site for the flow factory (a collective dream that never quite materialized or maybe that i was never able to fully appreciate) that got hacked in 2016ish and i just left for dead, intending on focussing more on festival vending and being local. i was in a bus and falling in love and needed to leave the flow factory in the past, while still continuing to nurture my intentions and allow them to nurture me.

vending booth at night at campfire festival in 2016

the flow factory at campfire – 2016

things fall apart yall. relationships dissolve, machines break, our teeth fall out, societies crumble. from chaos to cohesion to chaos and back, im tryna flow thru the tensions between freedom and order, consistency and mindless repetition, yearning and gratitude, balancing on a fine line that i try to believe is a healthy center.

10 contact staffs leaning on a table in a cluttered, but homey bus

sticks on a bus-2017

there is fresh growth each spring, imbued with all of the promising potentials of life and joy

anyway, i let lance (crispy clowns) convince me to just name my business my name (i was trying to convince him that we should collectivize as propistry). i’d been thru multiple names and half assed attempts at branding (i still like ‘circolution’ but most nobody could remember or spell it) and over the years my friends would just say ‘randy’s sticks’ or whatever. so here we are, i included my middle name so it’s a bit less of horny sticks and i can pretend like my mom is mad at me and i better get to work.

vending as propistry – 2019

i have mixed feelings about the prop shop being named with my name (i mean, mixed feelings may be my dominant personality trait). on the one hand, it is me that i’m selling – my labor, my reputation, whatever, but really i am not that important. i dont really want to make it about me. i want it to be about movement, about practice, about self discovery. i want it to be about remembering to play while not forgetting to train. about learning new languages of movement to express ourselves with, and to reclaim some of our time from the labor-consume-crash cycle of modern capitalism.

flow arts or object manipulation or contact staff or fire spinning or prop dance or spinning arts (i’m coining the term propistry) has given me so much- something to focus on when i cant focus, a way to meet people (and to spend time with them without need for continuous verbal conversation), a way to be meditative without sitting still, the opportunity to help organize community events, and even a way to pay for my groceries. i want to share it with yall. so welcome to this website, that is mostly just stuff for sale, but also wants to contain seeds that grow into some nourishment for people besides just me.

i’m not sure yet how regular my writing here will be, or how i plan to use the mailing list, but im hoping that this little corner of the internet will give me some space to unfold and share more.

looking forward to a time when i’m again unafraid to share the actual air with yall….

thanks and thanks,



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